Return To School

Utica Community Schools begins next stage in transition to face-to-face instruction

Early Elementary, pre-school, select K-12 special education programs, and middle school athletics will represent the next stage in a deliberate transition toward face-to-face activities in Utica Community Schools.

“As we begin this careful transition to in-person learning, our goal is to always move forward in a safe and deliberate manner to expand in-person learning at all schools and all grade levels,” Interim Superintendent Robert Monroe said. 

While the district opened its school year in a remote environment, a gradual return has begun for in-person activities with smaller groups of students. Already, the district has held in-person activities for computer distribution/learning opportunity and programs such as high school athletics, marching band and in-person standardized testing activities.

Several pre-school programs are scheduled to begin next week and middle school athletic try-outs and practices are underway. Volleyball will be the first middle school sport to open with games starting the week of October 5. Select K-12 special education programs and grades K-1 will be returning to in-person learning in early October.

For selected K-12 special education and K-1 programs, more detailed information will be shared through the following timeline:

·       Information that details targeted reopening dates and schedules for K-1 and select K-12 special education will be shared by September 25.

·       Information related to key support services, such as food services and transportation, will be shared the week of September 28.

More information regarding the district’s return to school plan is available on its website at: